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If you have not yet chosen a university to enter, consider the University of Bremen, you can view majors and disciplines on the official website. If you are worried about the admission campaign, you need to know your level of knowledge in advance and go to tutors (if necessary), as well as contact the letter of recommendation writing service.

The free hanseatic city of Bremen is sited in the north west of Germany, to the river Weser. Bremen is one out of three city states in Germany (besides Hamburg and Berlin). The state of Bremen includes the city of Bremerhaven, which is located about 60 km north, where the Weser flows into the North Sea. In Bremen, there is also a fairly wide community of people who actively discuss problems for the betterment of our existence, and the article "Applications of Spray Systems in Emerging Industries" is an example of their joint efforts and desire to highlight this or that problem.

About 550,000 inhabitants live in the space of 325 km2. The emblem of Bremen is a crowned key, protected by lions. This is why a Bremer saying goes “Hamburg is the gate to the world, but Bremen got the keys”.

The University of Bremen offers a wide spectrum of more than 100 fields of study for its 23,000 students and 2,600 employees (1,600 scientists and 1,000 administrative, technical and secretary staff). The University was built in 1971 and made its way to an Excellent University in Germany. Each year 1,500 students graduate.

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Traveling tips:

Most Bremer speak standard German. Yet, there are some minor differences. For example, you can greet someone in Bremen at any daytime with “Moin!”. As the city is kind of small, the town center can be reached by tram within 20 minutes. Here, you can start your sightseeing at the market place with its old church and the town hall, both covered by a copper roof. Nearby you may also find the Bremer town musicians, a famous animal band from a German tale. The statue of donkey, dog, cat and cock from 1953 shows them, even though they never reached Bremen. Another famous statue is the Roland statue from 1404. It is a symbol of freedom and the special rights of the town.

Architecture buildings are different eras in Bremen form a unique picture of the city. Besides the churches, there are the University glass building, the free fall tower and the whale close to the University. And for football interested people, there is the Weser stadium. For people interested in old towns, the Bremer “Schnorr” is the place to go. Outside Bremen one can enjoy the beautiful nature with all its smaller and bigger rivers and pastures. Inside, the “Schlachte” offers pubs next to the Weser to relax and enjoy the typical Bremer or German food. In the “Viertel” on the other hand pubs and bars invite you to revel in.

Welcome to Bremen! And enjoy your visit here!

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