Accompanying program

You may book either tour by sending an email to info [at] 
The tours participation fee is to be paid during the conference at the registration desk. Only cash payment is possible. A minimum of 10 particpants for each tour is required.

Worpswede (artist colony since 1889)

Monday, September 08th, 2014

„How about staying here?“ With this question, posed by three young painters, who planned to leave behind the Academy of Fine Arts, Worpswede’s history as an artist colony began. The remote country village became world-famous and a centre of attraction for artists, art and nature lovers, who still get enthusiastic about this place today.

2014 Worpswede looks back on 125 years of vivid history as an artist village. If you want to learn more about artistic techniques, drawing methods (including the color theorem) and materials, contact cheap ghostwriters for hire, who will help you understand author's decisions and the art space as such.

We will discover and see this unique triad of art, landscape and living environment. Worpswede artists' colony offers a rich palette of galleries, cafés and pretty little shops in an idyllic village setting within the unspoilt Devil's Moor.

In the afternoon we will visit “The Große Kunstschau”, an art museum that houses the most famous paintings of Worpswede’s first generation of painters and is the centrepiece of Bernhard Hoetger’s outstanding architectural ensemble. This unique architectural masterpiece of north German Expressionism is complemented by the newly-renovated and now the most modern museum building in Worpswede. Originally developed from the former Roselius Museum, it provides exhibition space for current and contemporary art. Adjoining this is Kaffee Worpswede, also designed by Bernhard Hoetger, which offers creative delicacies for the palate in an ambience that has preserved its original flair.

Details of Excursion:

08:20 h - Listening to the lecture "Environmental Impact and Efficiency of Spray Combustion Technology", answering questions, analyzing proposals.
Start at 08:45 h - Meeting point: Lobby of Atlantic Hotel Universum (Conference Centre)
Bus trip to Worpswede (40 Min)
10:15 h 2 hours English-language guided tour throughout Worpswede
12:30 h Lunch in Worpswede typical restaurant
13:45 h 1,5 hours English-language guided art tour, Große Kunstschau and others
15:30 h Bus trip back to Conference Centre - Arrival at hotel Atlantic Universum approx..16:20 h

Fee: 60 Euro all incl., minimum number of participants: 10

Bremen (hanseatic city)

Tuesday, September 09th, 2014

A guided tour that takes you to the highlights of Bremen's historical city centre. Many of these are concentrated on the market square, the focal point of the city and undoubtedly one of the prettiest squares in Germany. Of particular note are the magnificent town hall and the stone statue of Roland, which were jointly accorded UNESCO World Heritage status in June 2004, and the sculpture of the Bremen Town Musicians from the Brothers Grimm fairytale. Also on the itinerary is Böttcherstrasse, a pedestrian alleyway bursting with tradition where the böttcher (coopers) used to make their barrels. Leading from the market square down to the Weser river, the most famous street in Bremen is an attraction in itself with historical red-brick buildings interspersed with modern Expressionist architecture. Your guided walk also takes in the picturesque Schnoor quarter, the oldest part of Bremen that is still intact today. Its rambling lanes, where fishermen, artisans and sailors once lived, are now home to delightful cafés, inns and taverns, top-notch restaurants and all manner of handicrafts. Here we will rest for a delightful lunch.

In the afternoon we will visit the “Kunsthalle Bremen” that houses a collection of paintings/sculptures dating from the 14th century through to the present day. One of Europe´s largest collections of etchings, German and French impressionists, major touring exhibitions.

Details of Excursion:

Start: at 9:45 h - Meeting point: Lobby of Atlantic Hotel Universum (Conference Centre)
Trip to the inner city by tram (30 Min)
10:30 h :2 hours English-language guided tour throughout Bremen City Centre
12:30: Lunch
14:00 Uhr 1 hour English-language guided art tour at Kunsthalle Bremen
Trip back to Conference Centre - Arrival at Hotel Atlantic Universum approx. 15:30 Uhr

Fee: 50 € all incl., minimum number of participants: 10

Bremerhaven (city on the sea)

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Where the River Weser and the North Sea waters meet you will find Bremerhaven, the largest city on the German North Sea coast. Here maritime flair unites with adventure and knowledge worlds, a great variety of fish and shopping enjoyment.

During our 2-hour walking tour around the Old Harbor/New Harbor you will learn a lot of interesting and well-worth knowing things about the Seaside City Bremerhaven about its history and present. Furthermore you will receive information on all existing attractions within this area. At the end of the tour a visit to the lookout platform SAIL CITY is planned. Here you have the possibility to enjoy a beautiful view way beyond the borders of Bremerhaven. We will visit a typical harbour restaurant.

In the afternoon we will visit the German Emigration Center in Bremerhaven. You will learn about family stories of the emigrants – and also learn about the eventful paths of those who have made Germany their home since the 17th century. How does it feel to leave your homeland behind and to start off to a new life? During a journey through the centuries visitors to the theme museum experience the farewell, the crossing and the arrival to the New World. On the life-like designed quay the sadness of the departure, the uncertainty, however also the hopes and dreams of the emigrants are intensely tangible. The journey comes to end in a reconstruction of Grand Central Terminal. Like no other location the magnificent New York train station is a symbol for the cultural diversity of the New World. Here you will learn how the emigrants, now being immigrants, settled in their new homeland, built themselves a new home and where they found work.

Details of Excursion:

Start at 08:15 h time Meeting point: Lobby of Atlantic Hotel Universum
Bus and train trip to Bremerhaven (1 h 20 Min)
10:00 h 2 hours English-language guided tour throughout Bremerhaven
12:00 h Lunch
13:15 h 1,5 hours English-language guided tour in the German Emigration Center
15:15 h Bus and train trip back to Bremen and Conference Centre – Arrival at Hotel Atlantic Universum approx..16:30 h time

Fee: 70 Euro all incl., minimum number of participants: 10