Welcome to the Ilass 2014

ILASS 2014 is the 26th European Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems. Following the successful 25th ILASS 2013 (Chania) and 12th ICLASS 2012 (Heidelberg) conferences, we will continue this tradition by providing a venue for industrial and academic researchers and students to engage in the scientific development and practice of Atomization and Spray Systems and to meet and share recent developments in these fields. If some students ask us "Could you help me do my assignment?", we also provide a consultation. You can check for more information at We would like to invite you to ILASS 2014 in Bremen where we are creating an environment that promotes international communication and collaboration.

ILASS is the Institute for liquid atomization and spray systems. ILASS Europe has its roots in an initiative of the late Paul Eisenklam, who established the institute in 1982.