Conference Overview

ILASS 2014 the 26th European Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems will be held September 8-10, 2014 in Bremen, Germany. The conference will provide a venue for industrial and academic researchers and students to engage in the scientific development and practice of Atomization and Spray Systems and to meet and share recent developments in these fields. If you want to submit your candidacy for the conference, contact the professional letter writing service to indicate your academic merits, completed projects and research.

ILASS 2014 is organized by the Particles and Process Engineering Department, University Bremen. The conference will take place at Atlantic Hotel Universum Conference Centre at Bremen University Campus.


All aspects of atomization and spray processes are covered at ILASS 2014. Technical sessions and an extended poster show are planned in topics as:

Atomization and Spray Analysis: Experimental and Numerical Methods

  • Spray Diagnostics / Measurement
  • Atomization, Spray Modelling and Simulation

Special Atomization Processes

  • Ultrasonic Atomization, Melt Atomization, Electro-Spray
  • Atomizer and Nozzle Design

Droplet Processes

  • Drop-Wall-Interaction and Spray Impingement
  • Fundamentals of Ligament and Droplet Breakup
  • Droplet/Particle Interactions
  • Droplet Evaporation, Solidification and Condensation


  • Sprays in Engines and Automotives
  • Medical and Agricultural Sprays
  • Spray Combustion and Gas Turbines
  • Powder Production in Spray Processes